“A great, quick read that I would recommend all to snatch from the shelf (whether it be a store shelf, or digital shelf). Well done Lane Baker!”

– Husband & Husband

“Slippery Things is a very fun read and an absolute page-turner.”

– Tranquil Dreams

“Well. That certainly was a refreshing read…when it comes to the characters, one could not look for a more badass teen than in Larissa Locke.”

– Ultimate Fangirl

“What really got me to like this book was the main protagonist Larissa. She was such a fun and relatable character…Why hasn’t anyone thought of some story like this sooner?”

– The Reader Complex

“If anyone is looking for a fast, and unique, Sci-Fi story then I would highly recommend this.”

– Fafa’s Book Corner

“Overall, this was a fun, quirky read from a promising author…I can’t wait to see what Lane Baker comes up with next!”

– Betwixt-These-Pages