Slippery Things


“Stop.  Just stop,” Larissa pleaded, unable to prevent tears from forming.

The examiners ignored her and conversed in their sharp alien tongue.  The leader then turned to the teen with false affection, “Larissa, we’re going to give you something to calm your nerves.”  He motioned to the medical authority, who inserted the fleshy tube into her nostril.

“What do you want from me?” she sobbed.

“Take a few deep breaths,” said the medical expert.  “You won’t even know we’re here.”

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Product Description

Jaded high school Junior and detention hall regular Larissa Locke has a recurring dream in which creatures sneak into her bedroom at night to perform experiments and extract her blood. Tiny scars on her arm suggest that perhaps she isn’t just dreaming. But wait! If she’s really the victim of blood-sucking alien intruders, then why is her bedroom window still locked each morning?